Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Let the US torture people in peace!

I think the world is going mad--no, wait, I know it's going mad. But what amazes me is its enthusiasm in getting there, as fast as possible.

Let's not mention hurricanes and the world's environmental unbalance, let's not even mention the self-eating snake called unfettered capitalism (the one that will bear with neither rules, nor regulations, nor the alien concept that human beings are more than just variables or tools in the great economy chain, that human beings are people and that they should be at the top of said chain).

The government of the greatest democracy in the world, the one and only example for us all mere aliens (don't you love being called aliens by people when all you are is in fact a foreigner, another fellow human being and not alien like the little green men in TV series?), well, it's so nice vice-president, is now pushing in the open a motion that would in effect allow the US to torture prisoners.


It's not that I didn't know about the nice things US agencies do to help out the world (like Chile, they hepled Chile so well when they put Pinochet in power), but to now have the While House officially make a bid to obtain a license to torture... Well, it's deliciously refreshing.

At least, now I suppose we won't hear arrogant lectures on freedom, human rights and democracy coming from the blessed mouth of Mr Bush.

It'll be one damn good thing in all that mess.

If it wasn't horrible beyond belief, I think I'd be laughing myself to death right now.

Source: Today's editorial of the Washington Post.